Xylem Challenges High School and University with its Xylem Global Student Innovation Challenge 2021


$20,000 Prize Pool


Xylem, a world leader in water technology, recognizes the growing environmental challenges that affect humanity and the need to prepare the next generation of young talents to solve water problems, therefore, it will develop a project on a “water challenge” with a team of up to 5 students.


OBJETIVE: A global initiative that seeks to build a strong network of passionate student leaders and empower them to drive real changes in the water industry


WHO CAN JOIN: Students in high school, undergraduate, or equivalent. Participants must be between 13 and 23 years of age.

PRIZES: $20,000 Prize Pool, divided between high school and university tracks

LANGUAGE: The vehicular language of this challenge will be in English

REGISTRATION DATE: until April 4, 2021

DURATION: April 5 - May 28, 2021

TOPICS: Projects will focus on one of the following challenges:


THE CHALLENGE STATEMENTS: projects will focus on one of the following challenges:

Challenge Statement #1 - Reducing the Water Footprint of Everyday Products
Challenge Statement #2 - Gaming for Water with EarthEcho
Challenge Statement #3 - Urban Flood Prediction
Challenge Statement #4 - What if you lived on Mars?


Throughout the process, engage with mentors and participate in webinars with industry-leading 
individuals in Xylem and the water community.
For more information visit the web page clicking here